What Types of Lorry Driving Jobs Are There

Are you interested in driving jobs leeds and earning money? Let’s find out the types of lorry driving jobs in the content below:

Dry Van Driver:

Dry van drivers are usually asked to transport heavy vans loaded with dry goods and non-staling items. If it will be one of the HGV class 2 jobs. Then your employer may also ask you to load, or unload the trucks and set a route for transportation. However, it only happens when you are experienced in the niche.

Flat Bed Drivers:

Flatbed vehicles are not covered which means, while transporting the material, you and everyone knows what you are taking with you. This is one of the lorry driving jobs that confirms higher wage rate. However, you need to be very experienced to run a flatbed vehicle.

Tanker Vehicle Driver:

When it comes to the most demanding driver jobs, the tanker driver is in the top most lists. Tankers are usually filled with liquids like oil supply, and hence require experienced drivers.

To apply for HGV class 2 jobs you need to have proper license, training certificate from a reputable truck school, and proper truck driving experience. However, it can vary employer wise.